Step - 1

Listen to Client

Our service offerings are vast hence our client requirements from HAIDA are different. We love to listen from our clients. We analyze your requirements and quickly test them by questioning for identifying a concrete scope for the project and quickly define a scope of work which encompasses your requirements.

Step - 2

Addressing Client requirements

Engineering services and utilities system design have numerous alternatives as technology keeps evolving. HAIDA recommends the efficient and scalable systems suitable for the project . We quickly form our basics from client inputs and move forward to kick start design process.

Step - 3

Schematic planning

Our team coordinate with the consulting architects for incorporation after space planning . Calculation runs and authority requirements are considered with preliminary proposal for the schematic design .For express projects having to expedite the designing process this stage will be skipped to detail designing.

Step - 4

Client engagement and Measurement

HAIDA ensures at all stages of project design a complete coordination exists between the teams. Schematic designs are reviewed and valuable inputs are taken into consideration. A fully capable experienced value engineering team analyze the design for an effective system. All inputs are documented and incorporated into the design.

Step - 5

Final Design

A complete coordinated detail design is provided with international norms and acceptable by local authorities .The details suffice the information required for implementation of the same at site.

Step - 6

Documentation and Transmittal

The design drawings will be delivered as a package and handed over for tendering. HAIDA ensures approval from respective authorities.

Step - 7

Continues improvement

HAIDA and its team remains committed till the project is launched. Any services required during the phase will be addressed by our consulting engineers.